Finding something out, and feeling physically sick is most definitely not the best feeling in the world!!!!

Anonymous said: Two years of being clean! Wow what an amazing accomplishment. I'm so proud of you and more importantly you should be proud of yourself!

Thank you so much!! I am proud, I’m just struggling again!! But I haven’t self harmed, and I won’t!!

Thank you and stay strong

I need to cut. I need to hurt myself. But i can’t.

In the past two years that i’ve been clean, i have never wanted to cut or hurt myself this much. Its all i ken think about. Please, even if you never do this, can some please help distract me. I really can’t go back to how i was before. 

Anonymous said: Will you let ex admins come back?

I don’t know, possibly, if they asked!!

Harry Potter Monopoly!! Made to order and is available on my etsy shop: WizardingWonders

Digital downloads also available!!!

I miss you so much!!!

I always think, there’s 7 billion people on this planet, why do I matter?? But if all of us thought that, if every single person on this planet thought that we didn’t matter, we wouldn’t function! We wouldn’t have nice things, we wouldn’t enjoy things, whether that be walks along the beach or a night under the duvet watching Netflix, we wouldn’t do the things that pleased us! None of us would, and that would mean a very boring 7 billion people!!!

What to get for my next tattoo??

I have 4 already, 3 harry potter ones and a semi colon to represent my recovery!!
The harry potter ones are: ‘all was well’ on my foot, a deathly hallows sign on my wrist and ‘always’ on my neck!!
I don’t know what to get next, but I want it to be another harry potter one!!

Any ideas???

Anonymous said: Ever since I was a kid, I've been bullied. I had 1 friend, and she was the only source for the little friends I had. In 7th year, I gained a few friends, one of which wanted to cut. At the time, I didn't know what it was. My friends hated it, so I looked it up. I tried it out a simple test. In 8th year, my life crumbled. I lost all my friends due to the one girl, and I can't stop cutting. I hide it well, and got most friends back. But I can't stop. Any advice? And how can I open up to a friend?

If you want to open up to someone, the key thing is trust. You have to trust them 100%. Especially if its something not many people know about. Personally, i don’t open up about cutting or self harm as much as i probably should, especially now that i’ve been 1 1/2 years clean and don’t try to hide it any more. I think if you want to talk to someone about, be aware that they will worry about you, and they will try and stop you in most ways possible. 

I hope this helps, 

stay strong <3

Anonymous said: how deep does a cut have to be to scar?

Honestly, i think it varies between person to person. I have lots of scars, from cuts that weren’t that deep at all, but then agin, people have shown me cuts that have never scared and they were deep. I think if you look after it well, don’t pick the scab or anything, this could reduce the chances of scaring!! 

Stay Strong <3

Anonymous said: So no one uses this blog anymore?

Yeah….I’m really sorry about that!! I’ve been having a real hard time recently, and i have no idea where all the other admins have gone, but this will, fingers crossed, get running again!!! :) 

Hey everyone,

Can i just apologise for the lack of anyone on this blog!! It looks like all my admins have left me!! :( So….


Just message me for details!! :D 

Stay strong 

Georgia <3

I need you. Like flowers need sun and water. I need you like babies need feeding, like we need sleep.i need you like how a dog needs walking, how bees need pollen, how the stars need night. I need you how Dean needs sam, how the Doctor needs Rose, how Sherlock needs John. I need you so much more than you’ll probably ever know. And I don’t even know if I can have you. I don’t like this…

I can’t keep doing this. It hurts too much.

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